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COP26 Program of Events

What will take place and when?
COP26 will take place from 31st October until 12November.
There are two zones designated for the meeting.
The first is the blue Zone.
It is here that the “Participators” will meet. These are the delegates from the 192 or so nations that are taking part along with delegates representing major institutions. On 1st November it is hope that Pope Francis will be addressing these participators. The blue Zone will be off limits to the general public and so we will not be able to go along and listen to what is being said.
The second Zone is the green Zone.
The COP26 Green Zone will be open to the public at the Glasgow Science Centre from 1-12 November. The programme of events for the Green Zone is now available. Please go to Green Zone Programme of Events - UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) at the SEC – Glasgow 2021 ( for the full progamme. Tickets for events will be free of charge and available shortly. If you are unable to attend in person you can join virtually by subscribing to the COP26 YouTube channel.
There will be events which will be suitable for all ages, including children and secondary aged pupils.
As well as events organised by the COP26 organisers there will be events organised by the Bishops of Scotland and other faith organisations and groups
COP26 Events which the Bishops Conference of Scotland along with SCIAF and other organisations are encouraging us to participate in:
The COP26 March
The COP26 March will take place on Saturday 6th November.
The route is expected to start from Kelvingrove and finish in Glasgow Green.
The March will be separated into ‘blocks’ with one block dedicated to faith and belief. We hope to have a strong Catholic presence at the march, with young people and faith leaders at the front.
It is not expected that there will be any limits on numbers who can attend.
The proposed timetable for the day is:
12pm mobilization time (arrive at park and organize blocks)
1pm March
3pm Rally at end point.
The details of the rally are yet to be confirmed.
The March is a public event and will be one of the main ways in which civic society will contribute to the COP26 conference. 
24 Hour Prayer Vigil
This will take place in St Aloysius Church and the Ignatian Spirituality centre rom 11am on the 5th November to 11am on 6th November.
Each hour will follow the same format:
On the hour – 20-minute input (stories from international partners, testimonies and action)
                    10 minutes of prayerful silence
All international input will be pre-recorded and live streamed.
On the half hour – 20 minutes “stories of hope”
                           10 minutes of prayerful silence
The last hour will be a celebration of Mass in St Aloysius.
The organisers hope to have a mixture of people joining on line and attending in person.
Mass will be celebrated at St Aloysius Sunday 7th November 2021 at 1pm.
Bishop Hugh will preside and Bishop Bill will preach. 
It is hoped that the Church can hold 750, but this will be reviewed in light of health restrictions.  It will be necessary to have a ticket to attend the Mass. These will be made available on Eventbrite.
Interfaith Glasgow
The decision on whether on not to have an interfaith service has yet to be finalised. When details are available they will be posted on our website.
Mark 10:17-30 
Jesus was setting out on a journey when a man ran up, knelt before him and put this question to him, ‘Good master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?’ Jesus said to him, ‘Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone. You know the commandments: You must not kill; You must not commit adultery; You must not steal; You must not bring false witness; You must not defraud; Honour your father and mother.’ And he said to him, ‘Master, I have kept all these from my earliest days.’ Jesus looked steadily at him and loved him, and he said, ‘There is one thing you lack. Go and sell everything you own and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.’ But his face fell at these words and he went away sad, for he was a man of great wealth.
Reflection: Jesus makes it clear that it is not just enough to keep the commandments. We need to do more. In the story from Mark’s Gospel, the young man was asked to sell everything that he owns and give the money to the poor. It was too much for him to do and so he went away, feeling sad.
When we think about the global climate crisis, it might seem that Jesus is asking us to do more than just to do what the law ask us to do, such as ensuring that we recycle our rubbish. What might it be that Jesus is asking of us? What are the things we think we should be doing but don’t do because we find them to be too hard?
As COP26 approaches, what are the things that we would like to do to be involved? What are the things that we perhaps “should” do but that we would find hard to do or which would make us uncomfortable?
What are the things that we would like to do and hopefully will be able to do?
In Laudato Sí Pope Francis writes:
“Replace greed with generosity, wastefulness with a spirit of sharing. Learn to give, and not simply to give up. This is a way of loving, of moving gradually away from what you want to what God’s world needs. (9)”

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