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Bulletin - 29th March 2020

5th Sunday of Lent - Year  A


The celebration of MASS, the sacrament of reconciliation and baptisms have been   suspended due to the coronavirus
Collections:    The collection for the 3rd Sunday of Lent came to £745.00.
All liturgical celebrations in Scotland, including the celebration of Mass have been suspended.
This is a most painful situation and reflects the seriousness of out break of the Coronavirus. I will be celebrating Mass privately and will continue to pray for you.
Unfortunately we have been required to close the Churches to the public until further notice.
If you wish to watch Mass being streamed live on the internet you can do so by going to Church or
STREAMING OF MASS: Finally Stephen McDermott of Network Scotland has offered to put a web camera in St. James’ so that I will be able to stream Mass. When it is up and running I will let you know via the Web site.
Let us remember Bishop John in our prayers at this time.
Please remember in your prayers Fr. John Morrison who is now recovering from Covid 19—The Coronavirus
volunteers doing or planning to do regulated work with children and vulnerable adults
Future dates for part 1 and part 2 traiinig will be published once we get back to normal
Safeguarding – Thought for the month:
Each month we will have a safeguarding thought for the month to help us continue the focus on this important priority. The Safeguarding thought for March is: Families need to know that the Catholic Church is making every effort to protect their children. Pope Francis.
During Lent and Easter Schoenstatt Scotland is running a programme of daily material throughout Lent.  Key I “Schoenstatt Scotland Facebook” to see daily screens during this period.
WEDNESDAY 1st April 2020 starting at 7.00pm
St Bernadette's Erskine, are launching this new initiative during this time of lock down.
We want to reach as many people as possible with an invitation to the Alpha Experience. Anyone interested in taking part can register on our webpage at: catholicerskine,website/alpha.
Standing Orders: If your income has not been affect by the Coronavirus and if you do not have a standing order for the parish we would ask that you consider taking out one. The form is available on the parish website. Please only consider doing this if it will not cause or add to financial hardship at this time.
Gift Aid:
Also if you are a taxpayer and have not already taken out gift aid for the parish, please consider doing it. Again the form is available from the website.
Bishop John has passed on this web link which may be of help: ( 
If you would like me to pray for anyone or any intention, especially at Mass, please email me the details. The parish email address is on the front page of the bulletin. If it is not possible to email, just phone and leave a message.   I can also add names of the recently dead and anniversaries to the names on the Bulletin.
If you find it hard to pray, don’t give up. Be still; make space for God to come in; let Him look at you, and He will fill you with His peace.
With her "yes" given to the Angel, the Virgin welcomed the Word made flesh and accepted to become the mother of the Son of God. So, in Mary, the encounter between God and man becomes reality.
There's a lot of fear.” Pope Francis’ thus began the Sacred Liturgy which he offered in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta on Thursday morning. Then he went on:
“The fear of the elderly who are alone in nursing homes, or hospitals, or in their own homes, and don't know what will happen. The fear of those who don’t have regular jobs and are thinking about how to feed their children. They foresee they may go hungry. The fear of many civil servants. At this moment they're working to keep society functioning and they might get sick. There’s also the fear, the fears, of each one of us. Each one knows what their own fears are. We pray to the Lord that He might help us to trust, and to tolerate and conquer these fears.”

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